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Our COVID-19 Update and Response

The Florida Soccer School appreciates that our players and their families, like our committed staff, have been doing their part over the past few months to keep our country safe.  Despite the uncertain times, we also realize that players are excited and ready to get back on the field when it is safe and appropriate.

The Florida Soccer School will be ready once youth sports and camps are allowed to continue. We are all IN THIS TOGETHER and we want our players and their families to know that we will be ready.

Players and parents choose us because they have grown to expect the highest standard of quality, organization, and soccer programing in an exciting soccer environment.  As leaders in our field, we feel it is our responsibility to set a new stadnard.

Our focus, during this pandemic, has shifted to being the leaders not only in soccer but, now in health and safety.  In order to do so we have reached out to the health department and CDC through a 3rd party to derive best practices.  Over the past month, with help of experts, The Florida Soccer School has created protocals and plans that will be in place at every one of our programs once youth sports and camps are allowed to resume. 

At The Florida Soccer School, we are committed to going above and beyond expectations and will exceed the guidelines set by our governments for safety.  

Our programming will look slightly different as we work to put protocols into place to ensure we adhere to federal and state guidelines.  Below you will see a working list of protocols and measures we are taking. Please note, we are continuing to adopt and revise protocols.  


Leaders In Quality & Now The Leaders In Safety

Reduced Enrollment

The Florida Soccer School is reducing enrollment for each camp program and implementing saftety and screening protocol to ensure a safe envrionment for our players.  Reducing the number of players we accept will allow us to properly implement our safety protocols (Many of which are below). 

Limits will be based on CDC Guidelines and our ability to put into practice Federal and State Guidelines.


Temperature Checks

Temperature checks will be conducted daily upon arrival, for all players coaches and staff members.  Any individual that has a high fever will not be allowed entry with no exceptions. 

If a player is not allowed to enter because of temperature checks then a refunde will be given for the time missed. 

Santization and Cool Zones

The Florida Soccer School is creating "Cool Zones" to ensure the health and safety of our players.  In order to enter "Cool Zones" all players, coaches, and staff members will be required to sanitize their hands with CDC approved sanitizer.  Additionally, all items that are allowed to enter "Cool Zones" must be also be sanitized.

For example, the soccer field will be a designated "Cool Zone."  The players ball, and water bottle must be sanitized upon entry into the "Cool Zone." 

Designated areas that meet federal and local guidelines will be provided for players to leave items that are not allowed into "Cool Zones."   

Additional Staff

The Florida Soccer School willl be bringing in additional staff in order assist with all screening, cleaning and sanitization.  

While we are a team and everyone can help out, it is important our coaches are able to focus on coaching.  The additional staff will help ensure the higheset of safety and soccer standards both on and off the field. 

CDC Restaurant Standards For All Lunch Areas

All lunch areas will meet current CDC and state guidelines for restaurants.  Reduced enrollment and different lunch schedules, similar to at a school, will ensure this is possible.

All lunch areas will be properly sanitized with CDC approved cleaner prior to the players use of the area.  The lunch area will be sanitized again after each group leaves and before the next group enters.     

All lunch areas will also be designated "Cool Zones."


NEW Altered Hydration Station

During an intense training session our players will need to take a break to drink or refill their water bottle.  The Florida Soccer School is creating a new look hydration station to ensure players can rehydrate in a safe and controlled manner. 

For more information on our new look hydration station please contact us, 813.658.8377.

Cleaning of Common Areas

Any common area used by our players will be monitored and cleaned with CDC approved cleaner multiple times a day.  

Reduced Group Size

The size of groups will be reduced to ensure smaller groups and adhere to current CDC, federal and state guidelines.

Single Use For All Training Vests

Training vests(bibs) are a valuable tool for a coach when running a training session.  After each training session, The Florida Soccer School will take the used training vests, remove them from the field, and replace the used ones with new clean training vests. 

The Florida Soccer School has purchased additional training vests so that a training vest will not be reused during the day.  After each day all training vests will be thoroughly washed to ensure clean vest for the next day.


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The Florida Soccer School Offers High End Overnight, Day, and Training Programs for Male and Female Players.
Industry Leader In Soccer Programming & Now The Leader In Safety

Your child's health and safety is our #1 priority.  The Florida Soccer School is taking great measures to exceed the health and safety guidelines put forth by the federal, state and local governments to protect our players while they enjoy a great week of soccer in a safe environment. 

Please scroll up to see our full health and safety update.  A detailed list of someo of the measures we are taking are below:

- Contactless thermometers for temperature checks
- CDC approved hand sanitizer 
- CDC approved sanitization spray
- Cleaning supplies that meet CDC Standards
- Additional staffing to sanitize at entry points & clean common areas 
- Bottled water at our Hydration Stations
The Best Coahcing Staff

The Florida Soccer School boasts one of The Best Coaching Staffs in the country.  We feel a camp is only as good as the coaches working.  All of our coaches are Pro, National Team or Collegiate level coaches and specialize in providing elite instruction.*  

Get to know our Elite Team of Coaches by checking out all of our Coaches in the Coaching Staff section of the Main Menu!


* At our Young Stars and Developmental Training Camps we feel it is important the players have FUN while they learn. At times we choose to staff a coach with less experience who will ensure our players have FUN! 

Elite Training Environment

The Florida Soccer School has an Elite Team of Coaches that take pride in teaching and providing specific instruction to our players.


Only the Best Coaches know how to create an Elite Training Environment where learning takes place.  Experience Professional, National Team and Collegiate level training sessions at The Florida Soccer School this summer.  

Specific Training Programs For Players Of Different Skill Levels

The Florida Soccer School understands the importance of offering programming for players at different skill levels.  While our Overnight Camp is designed for the elite player, our Day Camp programming is designed for players of multiple skill levels. 


Choose from 3 different programs; The Elite Attacking Camp - Designed for the Elite Player, The Developmental Training Camp - Designed for the player still learning key skills and techniques, and Our Young Stars Camp - For younger players ages 5-8 years old just starting to learn the game.

Competitive Pricing

The Florida Soccer School offers programming of the highest quality at a competitive price.  We believe our players deserve more so we are raising the bar for summer programming!


We beleive it is important that all players have the opportunity to learn and train with the best, so we take pride in having some of the most competitive prices around!  At The Florida Soccer School we want everyone to be able to take advantage and access all we have to offer! 

Camp Dates

June 8th - 12th    -    Tampa Day Camp 

June 15th - 19th    -    Lakewood Ranch Day Camp

June 15th - 19th    -    MAYSO (Manatee/Bradenton) Day Camp

June 29th - July 3rd    -    Fort Walton Beach Day Camp

June 29th - July 3rd    -    FWB/Destin College Prep Training Camp

July 6th - 10th    -    Lakewood Ranch Day Camp 2 (NEW!)

July 6th - 10th    -    Tampa Day Camp 2 (NEW!)

July 12th - 16th    -    ELITE RESIDENTIAL ACADEMY - VERO BEACH (Limited Space)

July 19th - 23rd    -    ELITE RESIDENTIAL ACADEMY - (Location Change TBD)

July 20th - 24th   -    Lincoln, Illinois Day Camp

July 27th - 31st    -    Central Illinois Day Camp

July 27th - 31st    -    Tampa Pre-Season Fitness Training Camp 


This is the most up to date schedule.  Due to demand and reduced enrollment at each event we are working to add more programs.   

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