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Location: Choctawhatchee High School

Dates - TBA
About Our Elite College Prep Camp
Our Elite College Prep camp will provide players in the Destin and Fort Walton Beach area with an opportunity to learn and train with Collegiate Coaches. Our weeklong Elite College Prep Camp will provide players with high end instruction, exposure to collegiate level training methods, college recruitment opportunities, and an inside look into the college recruiting process.   
At most "College ID" overnight camps players receive at most 3-4 trainings sessions with a few games.  At our Elite College Prep Camp, players will have double the amount of sessions than a typical college camp. Players will also be exposed to Collegiate level video analysis and tactical sessions.  Additionally, there will be a College Recruiting Seminar for players and a "What Parents Need To Know" information session that will provide players and parents with an inside look into the recruiting process.  



- Over 9+ Training Sessions

- Elite Instruction and Training from College Coaches

- Collegiate Recruitment Opportunities

- An Inside Look Into The College Recruitment Process

- Collegiate Level Video Analysis

- Collegiate Level Tactical Analysis

Schedule and Logistics
Players should be prepared to train 3 times a day from Monday to Thursday and also Friday morning.   Our programming will be spread out throughout the day with rest and meal times scheduled in between sessions. 
Players are expected to have their own transportation and/or car pools.  Since this is an Elite College Prep Camp, players are expected to be at training, tactical or video sessions on time. 
Meals and housing are not included in the cost of our programming and not provided by The Florida Soccer School.  
A schedule with training and meeting times will be released and sent to all players registered 2 weeks prior to the event.  




College Coaches

FGCU (NCAA Division 1) and Lincoln College (NAIA) are committed to attend our College Prep Camp. 

Additional school(s) that are participating will be announced as we get closer to the week.    

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